Auto Glass Safety

Not many drivers take the time to consider the importance of their car's windshield and auto glass when it comes to their safety and protection while driving on the road.

It's easy to see how your seat belt and air bag keep you safe during collisions, but did you also know that your windshield plays several key functions as well when it comes to keeping you safe? In the event of a head-on collision and your airbag is deployed, it is your windshield that offers the support necessary for the airbag to cushion your forward motion. Improperly installed windshields tend to pop off in these situations.

In the event of a rollover, a vehicle's windshield provides up to 70% of your car's overall structural integrity to ensure the roof doesn't collapse.

When it's time to replace your windshield, you can clearly see how vital it is that the job is done correctly. Choose Challenger Glassworks—we do the job right every time.

It's important to know the facts regarding auto glass and your safety

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